Devolli hydropower plant

Devolli hydropower plant…

Moglice HPP project, since February 2015 and was engaged in both underground works and dam works covering Geological engineering works and Dam Safety until  November 2020 upon completion of the construction project but not limited to, were as follows:

  • Geological mapping, rock mass classifications, regional mapping, slope stability analyses and supports of the excavation of drill & blast tunnelling in hydropower project, site geological & geotechnical investigation, monitoring and interpretation data,  drill core logging, outcrop logging, gallery and tunnel logging, etc. Tunnel construction and supervising, underground rock evaluation and assessment, classification of rocks.
  • Following excavation parameters, grouting and backfilling works during the excavation,
  • Assisting for planning and review of Contractor’s Planning in all aspects of planning,
  • Supervise contractor’s performance in alignment with the contractual obligations,
  • Supporting HSE team within the organization, reporting HSE related non-conformities and controlling contractor’s implementation of HSE policies.
  • Coordinate DBT activities as per the rock support, assuring compliance with the Main Contract’s requirements;
  •  Manage internal processes relating to capacities requirements to ensure consistent follow up of activities;
  • Perform site inspections on construction sites (in tunnels, dams, roads, etc., as applicable), partly together with the contractors and partly as a check of contractor’s works.
  •  Prepare reports of quality and quantity of civil works, IPC control.
  •  Prepare report and follow up of non-conformities
  • Perform data processing and analysis 
  •  Prepare and submits reports at the frequency as defined by the line manager
  •  Conduct additional tasks/duties, as to be requested by the line manager
  • Responsible at Moglice Dam for ensuring the completion of site dam safety monitoring activities/procedures, identifying and pursuing resolution of instrumentation issues (either directly or through support of others), supporting Statkraft Management in any other matters of dam safety and/or engineering geology.
  • Instruments are read and data is processed in accordance with the schedule identified in the Dam Safety Weekly Monitoring Report – both manual readings and logged instrumentation. Owners Engineer Dam Safety Monitoring Team are rostered daily to undertake the dam safety monitoring tasks for Moglice Dam.
  • Maintenance and updating of Dam Data web-based dam surveillance system.
  • Dam Safety Weekly Monitoring Reports are completed and issued by COB Tuesday of each week.
  • Statkraft Management and Dam Safety Supervisors are alerted to any unusual signs of dam behavior.